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The Ultra-Plush Non-slip Slipper Socks will keep your tired, hard-working feet wrapped in the softest, most luxurious comfort that you can wear around the house, all day. Unlike socks that can slip and slide on hard surfaces, or slippers that you have to take on and off as you relax, Ultra-Plush Non-Slip Slipper Socks offer the best of both worlds. With all the comfort and warmth of a thick, fleece lining, and the security of a non-slip sole that lets you wear them around the house and walk about like they were slippers, you get the best, foot-friendly, comfy, wear-anywhere socks your feet could wish for. Great for those cold winter nights and with our great designs you can get into the spirit of Christmas and stay warm too.


  • SUPER-SOFT AND LUXURIOUS - The design is all about comfort for your feet. With a smart cable-knit in the outer layer that acts as an insulator and offers a degree of protection, and an incredibly comfy and soft premium-quality fleece inner that feels like you’re walking on clouds. Your feet and ankles will be in constant comfort from the moment you put them on. They’re long enough to keep your ankles warm and can even accommodate leggings, pajamas or trousers being tucked into them for total coverage and comfort.
  • NON-SLIP SOLE - Multiple grips are strategically placed on the bottom of each sock that helps prevent slipping or falling down. Worry-free to wear on surfaces like laminate, wood, tile and all manner of slippery, smooth flooring in our homes. 
  • IDEAL FOR COLD FLOORS - Even if you wear a pair of socks, you might find your non-carpeted floors incredibly chilly to step on, especially at night time when it's cold outside. However, if you put on a pair of these Slipper Socks when you think you'll need to cross one of these floors, the cold probably won't be apparent to you. Instead, you'll feel kind of like you're walking on a warm, snugly blanket.
  • FLEECY ANKLE CUFF - Each pair of these slipper socks has white fleecy ankle cuffs that not only look quite attractive but will also help keep your ankles comfortably warm. These cuffs may stop your socks from sliding down as you move too.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - When your Snugly Slipper Socks get dirty, you'll be able to safely wash them in your washing machine without worrying that the fluffiness and softness of their fabric will be affected.
  • DESIGNED TO FIT ON ANYONE - These one size fits all slipper socks have been designed to fit virtually anyone, aside from babies and toddlers. Each sock's material is flexible enough to stretch and fit feet of different shapes and sizes, so you may find that everyone in your family or household is able to comfortably wear a pair.
  • CAN BE WORN TO BED - Slippers may feel bulky and uncomfortable and can't be worn to bed, but if you wear these lightweight slipper socks to bed, you'll get the same warmth as you would from most pairs of slippers. What's more, these slipper socks don't have rubber soles, so you won't run the risk of hurting someone you sleep with if you accidentally kick them.

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